Cameras for Classrooms, Online Classes and Lecture Recording

Stream and record lectures and lessons in 4K with Honey Optics cameras in the classroom. Our affordable PTZ cameras are ideal for online classes and lecture recording. Overnight shipping and a 60-day return policy make our cameras a smart investment for your educational institution.

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Solutions for Security and Digital Recording in Classrooms

Honey Optics classroom cameras allow universities and other educational institutions to record and stream lectures with the touch of a button.

Pan, tilt, zoom and record or stream in 4K with crystal-clear images thanks to the Sony CMOS sensor.


The Benefits Of Lecture Capture Systems

There are many advantages to using a Honey Optics webcam for teaching:

With the ability to stream and record in HD, our cameras can enhance the online learning experience for students of all ages.


Frequently asked questions

Can I control Honey Optics via my network?

Yes! Honey Optics cameras are all IP streaming cameras. And also work with RTSP to stream to your favorite streaming service (YouTube/Facebook) or even to your own private service.

Does a mount come with the camera.

Mounts can be purchased separately. There are many 3rd universal mounts out there. Here is one for $60

Can Honey Optics cameras be mounted upside down?

Absolutely! Even our logo is made to look good upside down!

I need multiple cameras, do you offer bulk discount?

If you are purchasing 3 or more cameras please contact us for custom pricing.

How To Choose The Best Camera For Teaching Online

How do you find the best lecture capture solutions for your online classroom? There are several important things to consider, including:

Honey Optics cameras can take your online classroom to the next level. Record or stream in 4K with ease and get peace of mind that your investment is backed by a 5-year warranty.