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PTZ Cameras with audio

A PTZ internet camera with audio is a camera that can record high-quality footage, shoot incredible angles thanks to its motor, which allows the camera to pan, tilt and zoom and can record audio. These PTZ cameras need an additional microphone.

Capabilities of Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with audio input

Should you buy a Honey Optics PTZ camera with audio? With these capabilities, absolutely!

  1. 10x or 20x Optical Zoom
  2. Film in 4K and 1080p
  3. Pan and tilt
  4. Wide-angle lens
  5. Capture and store stills
  6. Mount on table, wall, or ceiling
  7. Live stream directly to social media
  8. POE camera
  9. HDMI and NDI network connection

With so many capabilities, this camera is perfect for live streams on Facebook or YouTube, sports streams, video conferences, and broadcasts.

Benefits of buying the best PTZ Cameras with audio from Honey Optics

Why buy a PTZ audio camera from Honey Optics? Check out all of these benefits:

  • 1080p and 4K
  • 60-day free trial
  • 5-year warranty
  • Flat pricing
  • Free overnight shipping

If you want an incredible PTZ camera with audio, Honey Optics is the best choice. Stop filming jumpy and grainy footage and order your brand new Honey Optics 12x or Honey Optics 20x PTZ camera now!

How to Order

To order a PTZ audio camera from Honey Optics, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Honey Optics shop and check out our range of HD USB cameras
  2. Once you find the camera you like, click “ADD TO CART”
  3. Select your Shipping method (Overnight or Ground Shipping)
  4. Enter your details, including address
  5. Select your payment method
  6. Hit “Place Order”