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Joysticks & Keypads for PTZ Cameras

Honey Optics has the camera controller you need to control your camera’s pan and tilt function. From joysticks to keypads, we have the controller you need for your PTZ camera setup. These models will give you complete control over your cameras, allow you to switch between presets and more. 

Professional PTZ Camera Controller

Your PTZ controller plays an important role in your camera setup. Whether you’re streaming, recording video or surveilling an area, your controller allows you to control where your camera is focusing. Depending on the type of controller you’re using, you may be able to switch between presets, views and more.

The correct controller setup will allow flexibility in your video production and increase the professionalism of your content.

We offer a wide range of controllers to meet your needs, including:

  • PTZ Joystick: Offers accurate and responsive control of your PTZ camera. Use the joystick to adjust your camera’s pan or tilt position with precision. These controllers include other buttons that can be used to set up your shots or adjust the camera’s functions.
  • PTZ keypad: Designed for quick and easy transitioning between views, cameras, presets or workspaces. Keypads have multiple hotkeys and numerical keys to help you navigate quickly and efficiently.
  • PTZ control board: A control board combines the joystick and keypad design to give you maximum control over your PTZ cameras. Choose between presets or use the joystick to move your PTZ camera with accuracy.

At Honey Optics, we have a PTZ camera remote that will meet your needs. Whether you want a controller with a joystick, keyboard or an entire control board, we have a unit for you.

Browse our selection, or reach out to our staff for recommendations on which controller will work best for your needs.

Hurry Up to Order the PTZ Camera Joysticks and Keypads

Finding the right PTZ camera controller with joystick doesn’t have to be complicated. We make it easy to compare your options and find the right controller for your needs, budget and setup. Order online, and your controller will arrive at your doorstep quickly.

Our 60-day return policy and five-year warranty ensure that your purchase is protected.