Banks & ATMs security solutions

Financial institutions are a main target for fraud and robbery. ATM cameras offer a timeless solution to enhance bank and ATM security with network video that is comprehensive, agile and fits seamlessly into existing security solutions. Honey Optics offers affordable, robust bank security cameras to keep your financial organization safe and secure.

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Secure banking solutions for employees and customers

Customers and employees are the lifelines of any bank. If your customers or employees are not safe, you risk losing business and high employee turnover. Bank cameras are an industry security standard, able to offer you the absolute best security.

Our customers use security cameras to:

With the right software, video surveillance can help keep your customers and employees safe with recording and off-site video storage. Many of our cameras also capture audio to gain valuable insight if theft or other incidents occur.

The benefits of ATM video surveillance

Cash machines are prime targets for thieves. ATM theft rose a staggering 148% just two years ago, and the trend shows no signs of slowing up. Thieves can and will find new ways to break through security measures and steal consumer cash.

Video surveillance offers:

Bank cameras enhance security with a low cost of entry and the option to monitor vast networks of ATMs. Our cameras offer the reliability and durability necessary to improve financial institution security.

Protect your customers, assets and personnel with state-of-the-art video solutions. Browse through our selection of cameras, offering intelligent video, audio and analytic data to harden your bank’s security.

How to choose the best camera for bank or ATM security

At Honey Optics, we offer the world’s best PTZ cameras. Our solutions fit into every budget and setup. We specialize in 12x, 20x, 4K and other PTZ solutions. When choosing a camera for your bank or ATMs security, you must consider:

Security cameras must be durable and able to withstand the elements if they’re installed outdoors. It’s crucial to work with your security team to maximize the usability of cameras and integrate them into your current setup.

Our ATM cameras offer your bank or ATM revolutionary security options to keep your employees and customers safe. We also provide a 5-year, hassle-free warranty on all of our camera setups to offer you peace of mind that your security camera is a smart, long-term investment.