Critical infrastructure security solution

Critical infrastructure is some of the most important assets to protect. What is critical infrastructure? It includes communication towers, energy grids, oil and gas, water treatment and data centers. If any of the facilities in the critical infrastructure industry go down, they result in major disruptions.

Honey Optics offers state-of-the-art critical infrastructure protection to monitor these facilities 24/7.

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Critical infrastructure solutions for employees and customers

Employees, customers, and government agencies rely heavily on critical infrastructure in every facet of life, from heating homes to transportation, water, and communications. PTZ camera solutions can be installed to offer:

Customers rely on these video surveillance solutions to keep systems up and running to avoid disruptions. Employees benefit from rapid response against potential intruders or persons trying to interrupt service from these infrastructure points.

Classified and hazardous areas of critical infrastructure environments may be monitored at all times with certified cameras to optimize production efficiency and safety.

The benefits of critical infrastructure video surveillance

Critical infrastructure is the main target of terrorists, hate groups and more. The health, safety and efficiency of these infrastructure points improve with security solutions. A few of the main benefits of the proper security and surveillance setup include:

Add our advanced cameras to your current security system using controllers for effortless setup. Critical infrastructure video surveillance is the key to critical infrastructure protection.

How to choose the best critical infrastructure camera

Critical infrastructure is some of the most valuable and high-risk in the world. Selecting the right camera for your needs depends on your team’s level of versatility and current equipment in place.

A few options to consider are:

If you need assistance determining the best critical infrastructure security solution for your facility, our team of professionals can help you make the right choice. We offer a generous 5-year warranty, free returns for 60 days and overnight shipping.