Telehealth Cameras & Doctor’s Office Security Solutions

Honey Optics telehealth cameras make it easy and affordable to treat more patients remotely and improve your office’s security. Protect staff and patient data and help more patients with PTZ cameras from Honey Optics.

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Telemedicine Camera Solutions for Doctors and Clients

With more patients demanding telehealth services, it is crucial for doctor’s offices to invest in quality cameras capable of streaming and recording in high definition.

A Honey Optics telemedicine camera will allow you to meet with patients from the comfort of their homes.

When used with HIPAA compliant software, you can diagnose and treat patients while streaming in 4K. Remote control options allow you to zoom in on areas of interest when treating patients. With HD quality streaming, it’s as close to an in-person visit as you can get.

Plug-and-play connectivity makes it easy for doctors to get started with telehealth options.

Telemedicine Camera Solutions for Doctors and Clients

The Benefits of Video Surveillance in Doctors' Offices

Many health practitioners overlook the importance of security, but your office holds a valuable thing: information. The right surveillance cameras can significantly improve the security of your doctor’s office and protect patient information.

There are many advantages to incorporating video surveillance into your office security, such as:

While you cannot install cameras in doctor’s rooms, you can actively monitor your lobby, waiting area and other key areas for theft or criminal activity.

How To Choose the Best Webcams for Telemedicine

If you want to offer telehealth services, it is crucial to invest in a quality camera for your practice. Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a webcam for your practice.

Honey Optics makes it easy and affordable to offer quality telehealth services to your patients. When used for surveillance, our PTZ cameras also give you peace of mind that your office is being monitored for illegal activity.

If you’re ready to improve your practice’s security and telemedicine services, give our cameras a try for 60 days.