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PTZ IP Cameras

A PTZ IP camera delivers the highest quality video using a simple, convenient setup that even beginners can master. Capture footage in high-definition and access your video from virtually anywhere. Whether you’re streaming an event, scheduling a video call or chatting with loved ones from home, an IP PTZ camera makes it easy to achieve your goals.

Pan Tilt IP Cameras are The Source of High-Quality Images

IP pan tilt zoom cameras produce clear, high-quality images and video, making them an excellent choice for live streaming, video conferences, home use and more. Record or stream in up to 4K at 60fps and never worry about image degradation during processing.

Unlike analog cameras, IP cameras receive and send footage through an IP network. Connect to the network via Wi-Fi, USB or ethernet cable, and you’re ready to start recording.

IP cameras are equipped with special processing chips that compress the video footage while it’s being recorded or transmitted. Using the most up-to-date compression standards, like h.264, there’s very little or no reduction in frame rate and quality.

Features and Benefits of Internet Protocol PTZ Cameras

IP PTZ cameras make it simple and easy to record and stream video from virtually anywhere. All you need is an IP network, a Power over Ethernet cord and your camera to get started. Control and access your footage from any connected device for the ultimate in convenience.

With an internet protocol PTZ smart camera, you can enjoy:

  • Higher resolution: IP cameras can record in 4K at 60fps – that's up to four times better than an analog camera.
  • Fewer wires: IP cameras can be powered and transmit footage through a Power over Ethernet cord, eliminating the need for additional, messy wires and cables.
  • Access anywhere: When your footage is transmitted over an IP network, you can access it from any connected device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Live RTMP streaming: Stream directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more with an IP camera.
  • Capture video and images: With an internet protocol PTZ camera, you can record live footage and take high-quality image stills with the click of a button.
  • Capture more of the moment: Honey Optics cameras feature a Sony Optic processor and lens for crystal-clear images and a wide-angle lens to capture more of the scene.

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