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NDI PTZ Сameras

NDI (Network Device Interface) is a low latency video over IP encoding protocol developed by NewTek. It allows for the distribution video (and audio) over existing IP/Network infrastructure, changing the way broadcast and live streaming studios connect to and broadcast their video feeds.

NDI cameras represent the highest standard for PTZ webcams from many viewpoints. First of all, you get 4K video recording and streaming without using any USB or HDMI cables whatsoever. Secondly, the Network Device Interface allows you to distribute content to any device, whether it’s not within the camera’s visual range. Discover more functions, benefits, and how to order your NDI video camera below.

NDI PTZ Cameras — Your Source for Top-Quality Videos

Opting for a PTZ camera with Network Device Interface is a great choice no matter if you want to use it at home, for a conference room, or for setting up a professional studio. It can work just like a webcam for your Zoom calls, or be applied for podcasts and even reality shows or streaming live videos on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and other websites.

Features and Benefits of NDI Cameras

The NDI connectivity is groundbreaking and makes streaming a lot easier for home or office users. The camera connects to your computer or other devices via an IP address which means you don’t have to worry about laying cables all across the room. One LAN cable is all you need to get the job done. What’s even more impressive is that the LAN cable can power the camera, so you don’t need to think of power cords or anything like that.

The PoE ( Power over Ethernet) protocol supported is 802.3af. That means you won’t have to place the camera near a power socket to use it. Having one cable to power up, transmit video, and control the camera is highly convenient.

Another advantage of the NDI technology is that you can use multiple channels at the same time to distribute content quickly.

Capabilities of NDI Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

We’ve already told you what the best NDI PTZ camera can do in terms of features and benefits. However, you’ll be eager to know everything there is to learn about these models. So, here’s a full list of specifications that will make you consider buying one:

  • Sony Optic Processor and Lens
  • 4K Resolution for crystal-clear videos
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Lossless 20x optical zoom
  • Power over Ethernet
  • H.265 and H.264 IP live streaming
  • 3 Extra Outputs — HDMI, USB-C, and SDI

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Order Your NDI Camera from Honey Optics

Having read what the NDI webcam input can offer you, you might have wondered where you can get such cameras. Your questions won’t remain unanswered because Honey Optics provides you with a wide range of NDI cameras. Here’s how to order yours right now:

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  2. Once you find it, hit “ADD TO CART.”
  3. Fill the Billing and Shipping fields in.
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