Outdoor Camera Enclosures

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A PTZ camera enclosure will protect your outdoor camera from the elements. Whether you’re using your camera for surveillance, broadcasting sports or any other purpose, an enclosure will protect against moisture, theft and overheating.

For outdoor PTZ cameras, a reliable enclosure is crucial. Honey Optics has a wide selection of professional enclosures to house your camera.

Reliable PTZ Camera Enclosures Outdoor

A reliable outdoor fast PTZ enclosure will keep your camera safe from rain, snow, wind and overheating, and it works without affecting the camera’s ability to record video. While enclosures offer protection, it’s important to keep the camera enclosure and the camera itself in a sheltered area to prevent damage.

Our PTZ outdoor dome enclosure options are:

  • Lightweight yet durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Built to prevent water, dust and pests
  • Compatible with our PTZ cameras
  • Easy to use

Honey Optics includes everything you need to use your PTZ camera outdoors, including mounting hardware. We make it as easy as possible to purchase and install our enclosures.

Enclosures are designed to be hung from overhangs, canopies and other sheltered outdoor areas that aren’t directly in the elements. They’re commonly used in:

  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Entrances and parking lots
  • Training grounds

Whether you’re broadcasting a sports game or monitoring an area for security, an enclosure will keep your PTZ camera safe without affecting its ability to record and stream. Even when safely in the enclosure, you can still use the pan, tilt and zoom function without interference.

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