Casino surveillance

Casinos have high stakes. Players can win and lose a lot of money. While most players are honest, a camera casino is necessary for top-tier security. Card counters and cheats are evolving their tactics to be more obscure and harder to detect. Casino cameras maximize profits, improve efficiency and help casinos mitigate risks.

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Secure casinos solutions for employees and customers


Casino security cameras by Honey Optics focus on two of your casino’s most important assets:

  • Customers
  • Employees

Our camera solutions connect effortlessly to existing networks, allowing for robust monitoring networks that work seamlessly together. Guests in your casino feel safe and protected with the right cameras, or you can choose discreet cameras strategically placed near tables known as frequent hotspots for cheaters.

Effectiveness and balance offer harmony in casino security, with video and audio solutions available.

Connect the proper software to the backend of the system and empower security teams and managers with real-time video, recording, storage and analytical data. Casinos can use our PTZ cameras to pan tilt and zoom on a player’s face, examine the floor and spot anyone else that may be involved in potential card counting or forms of cheating.

The benefits of casinos video surveillance

Casino video surveillance is one of the most crucial elements of your security team. When the proper setup and cameras are in use, your casino benefits from:

Surveillance sheds insight into potential floor problems before they materialize. Security teams can monitor the floor and pinpoint threats, such as arguments, issues with machines and cheating, too.

If casinos use surveillance properly, it’s possible to improve the experience for customers, make employee work easier and stop potential issues on the floor rapidly. Pit managers can mitigate risk in real-time using video surveillance in ways that are not possible otherwise.

How to choose the best casino camera

Choosing casino cameras requires you to know your current network’s setup. Our cameras connect effortlessly to controllers to allow for fast detection and setup. When selecting your camera, there are a few things to consider:

At Honey Optics, we offer multiple simultaneous output options, with the ability to stream to SDI, USB-C, HDMI, LAN and more. Pit managers and security teams that want to maximize a casino’s security, efficiency and profitability can with the right casino camera setup.