Data centers security solutions

Data center security stops disruption in business function with audio and video solutions to improve efficiency and reduce emergency risks. At Honey Optics, we offer streamlined solutions to protect your data centers with perimeter to core monitoring.

Protect the heart of your network with data center security solutions that empower your organization’s monitoring.

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The benefits of data center surveillance

Data center surveillance is crucial to the protection of your business’s operations, reputation and customer data. Our team at Honey Optics knows that the right solutions protect your vital assets. Our solutions offer:

Surveillance solutions offer data center operators and managers the ability to monitor the premises day and night. Analytical data further enhances the robustness of your security in ways that aren’t possible with a single-layer security approach.

How to choose the best server room camera

Data center security cameras must be robust, reliable and have the features to secure your data center. Selecting the proper camera is possible when you consider:

Do you need help choosing the best server room camera for your data center? We can help. Our team can guide you to a solution that fits in your budget, works with your current setup and improves your data center’s operational efficiency while reducing risk.