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Indoor PTZ Cameras

A quality PTZ indoor camera can take your live streaming, video surveillance and video creation to a professional level. With high-resolution video recording, easy installation and a variety of output options, Honey Optics puts you in the driver’s seat when recording video with a PTZ camera.

Indoor PTZ Camera – The Source of High-Quality Image

The best indoor PTZ camera will produce high-quality video and images. In addition, the ability to stream and record in 4K means that your video and images will be crystal-clear.

Honey Optics indoor PTZ cameras also have:

Wide Angle Sony Lenses

Our PTZ cameras are equipped with Sony lenses for high-quality images and video. Wide angle lens allows you to capture more of the scene. With pan and tilt, you can experiment with different angles and shots to get your message across.

12X/20X Optical Zoom

Lossless 12x/20x optical zoom allows you to focus on a subject. Whether you’re recording or streaming religious services, educational lectures or live events, the optical zoom will ensure that viewers don’t miss out on important things.

NDI Technology

Our PTZ cameras are equipped with NDI technology, which allows you to transmit high-resolution video and images without losing quality or frames. Therefore, our 12X NDI PTZ camera is ideal for video conferencing, church and broadcasting video without losing quality.

Professional Video Outputs & Connectivity

A Honey Optics PTZ indoor camera supports a variety of outputs. In fact, you can stream on up to four outputs at once, including:


SDI, or Serial Digital Interface, transmits video data via a coaxial cable and with data speeds of up to 3 GB per second.


An HDMI output allows you to transmit video and audio to a television or other device with an HDMI port.


The LAN output option allows you to transmit video to your Local Area Network and is ideal for use with our IP PTZ cameras.


The USB-C output allows you to quickly and easily engage in video conferences and more.

Indoor Pan Tilt Zoom Camera for Video Monitoring

An indoor pan tilt zoom camera is ideal for indoor video monitoring. Use it in:

  • Lobbies
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Venues
  • Retail stores

A wide-angle lens and the ability to pan, tilt and zoom make monitoring and security a breeze.

Control and Power

Honey Optics cameras come with a convenient remote control for easy controlling of your PTZ camera. Our cameras can also be controlled via a web app on a computer or laptop, giving you more options for using your camera. Power your camera via a power cord or a Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable to eliminate messy setups.

Hurry Up to Order PTZ Camera Indoor at Honey Optics

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