AC Power Cables for PTZ Cameras

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Although this article does not go into great detail on LAN and fundamental networking, it is critical to understand how your PTZ cameras will link to your switches, encoders, and PCs.

For example, suppose you're using a LAN to link your cameras and PCs. In that case, you'll need a DHCP server/router to arrange IP addresses, the flexibility to create different private nets, and the capacity to add network devices via an Ethernet switch. Some switches also offer PoE to compatible gear, which eliminates the need for cumbersome IP camera power cables.

Professional Power Cables for Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

For example, to use NDI, you'll need to connect your cameras to a LAN through an Ethernet switch, which should already be a standard on your network for connecting PCs. Keep in mind that NDI video is designed to transport high-resolution video across closed networks with high capacities, such as Gigabit Ethernet networks.

HDBaseT output is a standard video transport method that allows all control data, energy, and video to be transmitted over a single cable. HDBaseT networks require a suitable switch and suitable cameras.

While one security camera power cord may carry several signals, signal intensity, and distance restrictions vary by cable type. If the distance of cable rated for your video feed is exceeded, you may have quality issues or no signal at all. It's possible that you'll need to change forms of transportation or use a signal extender. For example:

  • A 50-foot HDBaseT over UTP (Ethernet) connection connects your camera and switch.
  • The maximum length of an HDMI cable for 1080p HD video is 50 feet, but only 10 feet for 4K video.
  • HD-SDI signals may travel up to 100 feet over coaxial camera power wire, but the distance is shorter when sending 3G, 6G, or even 12G-SDI signals.

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