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Choosing the right PTZ Camera for your organization can be very difficult. How do you know what camera you need, what features are more important. Do I really need 4K video? Today, reviews are becoming less trustworthy. The FTC recently put hundreds of Fortune 500 companies  on notice for faking reviews or manipulating them. It’s easy to fake reviews, especially when you’re a new business like ourselves that needs those reviews tremendously.

How we get Reviews?

But we at HoneyOptics value honesty and integrity. That is why ALL our reviews are REAL and verified by a third party. We use to verify all our orders and match any new reviews to make sure those reviews are left by real customers that actually purchase our product.

So you can have confidence that the reviews that you see (although not many) are from REAL customers of ours. Below are all the reviews:

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Balgium Church tech

I am the tech engineer of my church and I bought this camera mainly for the quality vs price that is unmatched and also a very coperative company. The shipment to Belgium was rather fast from the moment that the camera arrived at their US store which took some time unfortunetly.

The fonctionalities of the camera are great so far, I like the presets and the precision. I like the Poe foction ald the many options of quality. I will test it more in the coming months.

Top camera from a top store

Wonderful Product

Honey Optics creates an amazing and extraordinary camera for streaming live church services. The video quality is incredible and with the help of their technical support, setting the system up was an easy process.

Great !!!!

Great camera system! Set up is not for the people that are not tech savvy but the setup guide that on the website will guide you where you need to be ! Great product highly recommended!

Versatile and Cost-Saving PTZ Bundle

The process of building my bundle was simple and enjoyable. The Honey Optics website offers a user-friendly interface where I could easily select the PTZ camera models and accessories that suited my requirements.

What truly sets this bundle apart is the cost savings. Honey Optics offers significant discounts when purchasing multiple items together, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking to upgrade their video production equipment. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount I saved compared to purchasing the components individually.

Additionally, the customer service provided by Honey Optics has been outstanding. They were responsive to my queries, provided detailed information, and ensured that my bundle was shipped promptly and securely.

Impressive Control and Precision - PTZ Camera Joystick Keyboard Controller Review

I recently purchased the PTZ Camera Joystick Keyboard Controller from Honey Optics, and I am thrilled with its performance. This product has revolutionized the way I control my PTZ cameras, offering exceptional precision and ease of use. The first thing that struck me about this controller was its build quality. It feels robust and durable, reassuring me of its long-term reliability. The buttons are well-placed and have a satisfying tactile feedback, allowing for smooth and effortless operation. Setting up the controller was a breeze. It seamlessly integrated with my PTZ cameras, saving me from any compatibility headaches. The joystick is incredibly responsive, providing precise control over the camera's movements. I can effortlessly pan, tilt, and zoom, capturing the perfect shots with utmost accuracy.

Overall, the PTZ Camera Joystick Keyboard Controller from Honey Optics has exceeded my expectations. Its exceptional control, precision, and user-friendly design have made a noticeable difference in my PTZ camera operations. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a reliable and feature-rich controller for their PTZ cameras.

Great Customer service

Thanks you for the support you provided for your products.

Great Customer Service

The service was excellent! Product was great quality. Order arrived in a timely manner with a personal letter assurance of their availability to help if ever needed. What more can be asked,

Great PTZ camera for church

Setup the camera in my church for both Zoom and Facebook live. It connects in NDI mode exactly as expected.

Good PTZ Cameras BUT...

I purchased two of the "Honey Optics 4K PTZ Camera - 20x Zoom NDI Camera Conference & Broadcast PTZ Live Streaming” cameras for my church. The picture quality with these cameras is very good. The instructions for setup could be better but I was able to eventually figure out what to do and configured the cameras to work in OBS. After about 1.5 hrs of use, the devices get pretty warm. I don’t know if this is normal, but it’s something that I am going to keep my eye on. My biggest issue with these cameras is the seemingly lack of access to the advanced image features of the camera (e.g. f-stop, iris, etc.). Also, and this may be an issue with our lighting, but the picture looks great when zoomed out but on close ups the picture settings need to be adjusted to look good. Customer service is good but it’s better to call as the chat and ticket service can take a while to get a response. Given the price compared to other 4K cameras on the market, this camera is a good value and should be considered for your production.

Great PTZ camera for churches

I bought this camera to make it easier for our volunteers at church to live stream our services. It shipped the same day I ordered. Received it the next day in Ontario, Canada! We currently use some Panasonic G7 cameras, with a mix of lenses. Those cameras and lenses have manual focus and fluid head setups The setup and operation of the PTZ camera went smoothly, although I did spend some hours going through all the different exposure and color options. I was able to match the existing cameras pretty closely. We use vmix for livestreaming and it was very easy to connect to the HoneyOptics camera using the ptzoptics settings for VISCA over ethernet. The camera is working great to move to the different presets and then focus on the subject. The NDI connection also works great. I've done two services, a funeral and a wedding already. I have not tried the 4k image yet. While the image is not as sharp as the G7 camera and Canon EF mount lens, that's not really a fair comparison. For the price point, the image quality and ease of use for our volunteers is just what we need! Will definitely be ordering more!

Honey Optics 20x 4K Camera - NDI | HX2 Conference & Broadcast PTZ Live Streaming

I am very pleased with the three cameras i bought from HoneyOptics for our church livestream. Here is highlights of the product, presale and after-sale support:
1. Honey Optics offered the 1/1.8" CMOS from Sony
2. For a 4K cameras, it is much better price point compared to other vendors.
3. They have a loan program which you can test out the camera for a month (you have to authorize the full amount if not returned).
4. they shipped out the next day and it is a surprise treat.
5. The after-sale support is awesome with live tech support and great support.
Definitely will buy from them again for next project.

Works great, Super happy with it’s performance.

Honey Optics 20x 4K Camera - NDI | HX2 Conference & Broadcast PTZ Live Streaming

camara compra

Solicito esta camara tienen disponibilidad

Very satisfied!

The video quality was better than expected!
I had a little difficulty to make it work with our HDMI video switcher and joystick but the customer service was very helpful.

Great Camera!

Simple to set up and the owns gave us his cell phone for support. Very clear picture at a great price.

Best Quality for Price

It’s taken over two weeks to fully test this camera. I had to wait until our monthly showcase was filmed to fully compare this 4K camera to the 2K camera I previously used.

Capturing a high quality photograph from 4K video is key for our studio. The dynamic range of the color is far superior than the 2K PZT camera I was using. Using this camera, I was able to capture a high quality freeze frame when using a mid-shot and close-up. The wide shot was a bit soft for a freeze frame photograph.

The auto exposure is excellent. However, I didn’t see a manual exposure function. Even though the auto-exposure is excellent, it interfered with my ability to stabilize the contrast and brightness. The Auto-focus is above average but not great…… however, the small vibration of traffic outside might be effecting the auto-focus.

Overall, you wont be able to beat the quality/price ratio. I haven’t viewed all PZT cameras but I seriously doubt any 2K PTZ looks better. Even though I selected 4 stars, I give the “HoneyOptics PZT 4K” 4.5 stars. Btw, the overnight shipment is a great value. I ordered the product around 4-5pm central time. I was very surprised it shipped same day. I received the shipment less than 24hours after I ordered the item.

Great Camera!!

I love the options that this camera offers. I have used every connection and they are very sharp as advertised. The customer support is fast, professional, and very helpful. We will be looking to them in the coming years for our video options.

Exceptional Quality and Value for Price

We needed a better solution for broadcasting choral performances and purchased 5 cameras to enhance our livestreams. The NDI out of the box was a big seller and 4K recording capability. There is nothing comparable at this price point. Everything has worked out of the box, it was a little tricky connecting to the camera's at first due to a static IP which was on a different subnet, but once we were able to get the IP updated everything worked as expected. We have our first performance coming up since the purchase and we're super excited to put these camera's through their paces in a live setting.

PTZ Honeyoptics 20x Camera

The camera was received in good condition. The quality and the ease of use of the camera are awesome. The camera is able to cover the church auditorium

Honey Optics 20x - NDI 4K Camera Conference & Broadcast PTZ Live Streaming

Just what I was looking for!

I have been researching cameras for our church for over a year, and was pretty familiar with what was out there, but was saving while waiting for a 4k 20x or 30x NDI camera to hit the market from the company that I trusted most. I finally had the funds to make the purchase, but they still didn't have the 4k version I was looking for. I spotted Honey Optics for the first time and was curious since I had never seen or heard of them in the countless times I had been researching and waiting. They offered a 4k 20x NDI that was several hundred dollars cheaper than the 1080p 20x NDI cameras from company I trusted! I was suspicious. I began to compare the specs from both companies, and was pleasantly surprised that Honey Optics offered the 1/1.8" CMOS from Sony (a superior sensor) to the one from the company I trusted, plus they offered free overnight shipping. Hoping that I wasn't being scammed, I went ahead and made the purchase, and have not been disappointed in the least! The camera came the next day with a note from the founder and CEO thanking me for believing in his company and choosing them. He even gave me his personal phone number and offered personalized support in setting it up. I was so impressed! The camera is exactly what I wanted and performs beautifully. I heartily endorse Honey Optics with no reservation! I appreciate their product quality and outstanding customer support.

Excellent PTZ camera and super fast shipping!

I have used the Honey Optics 20x model in the previous weeks and love it. Great PTZ camera features along with an amazing clarity of video picture. Shipping was extra fast. Thank you so much!