Airplane Camera Systems & Aviation Cameras

The process of monitoring a scene or scenes and seeking for particular activities that are improper or that may show the creation or presence of inappropriate conduct is referred to as video surveillance.

A video surveillance system is a network of one or more surveillance cameras that capture video and audio data and deliver it to a designated place.

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Commercial airplane video surveillance systems (CAVSS) are used to monitor the aircraft’s interior and external security throughout ground operations and flying time.

These systems can be utilized for a number of purposes, including aircraft cockpit and cabin monitoring, refueling, passenger safety, taxi operations, and other ground support functions.

Secure airport solutions for employees and customers

The need for sophisticated commercial airline video surveillance services is fueled by the need for increased aircraft security as a result of a growth in the frequency of offensive incidents in aircraft and terrorist activities, as well as supported regulatory compliance.

In addition, over the forecast period, the introduction of sophisticated & new technologies, an increase in budgetary spending for aerospace applications, and increased emphasis on passenger safety will fuel the growth of the commercial aviation video surveillance systems market.

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The benefits of aviation cameras

How to choose the best airplane camera

Whatever airplane camera you use, you will have to take into account the following factors at some time. Among them are: