How to Use Green Screen On OBS?

How to Use Green Screen On OBS

Are you working on your videos and want to know how to use green screen on OBS? We’re going to walk you through the steps necessary to begin using a green screen and enhance your videos in just a few minutes.

How to Add and Set Up a Green Screen in OBS

To use a green screen, OBS requires you to set up your chroma key, which you can do right away in OBS. You’ll need to install OBS if you haven’t done so already. Open up the platform and be sure that you have a solid green background behind you.

You’ll now need to do the following:

  • Add a video source (your PTZ camera for live-streaming)
  • Right-click on the source that you created
  • Select Filter
  • Click on the + button under Effects Filters
  • Select Chroma
  • Enter a name for the layer

You’ve added your Choma key, but you also need to configure OBS to refine it to work better with your green screen. Since your green may be different, it’s important to work through the following settings to create the perfect videos.

Configure OBS Settings for Green Screen

Configuring your settings to be proper for your videos means adjusting the sliders and analyzing the results. You’ll need to keep making minor adjustments until you’re satisfied with the preview of your video.

You should avoid wearing anything green because there’s a chance that you’ll also have this item removed from the video.

The settings that you can adjust are:

  • Similarity
  • Smoothness
  • Key color spill reduction
  • Opacity
  • Contrast

You can always click on the default button if you end up negatively altering your settings and making the video look worse.

A good starting point for anyone who is adjusting the sliders in OBS is to set the levels of similarity between 200 and 400. You’ll also need to adjust smoothness to between 20 and 50. Finally, color spill reduction works well on settings between 10 and 100.

Feel free to use these guides as starting points and adjust them as you see fit.

Be sure to remember or save the settings that you like. It’s worth the effort to get everything “right” before going on to some of the advanced techniques below.

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Advanced Techniques on How to Use Green Screen In OBS

Your green screen is set up properly, and you can do a lot of advanced things now. A few of the options you have when using a green screen include:

  • Replace the background: You can remove the background behind you and replace it with something else. Ideally, you’ll make the replacement choice based on your audience. For example, if you’re talking about nutrition, you can put a supermarket aisle as your background. You can also make it look like you’re in a car or a house. The options are only as limited as your imagination.
  • Choose another color: Do you wear green often? You can always change the color of your chroma key. The “green screen” is the most common choice for removing a background, but you can choose any color that you like: blue, red, pink, yellow – anything.
  • Upgrade your CPU: If you find that your stream is starting to lag or stutter because of you using a green screen, it is worth upgrading your CPU. Removing the background behind you is a CPU-intensive process that can strain older systems.
  • Remove shadow: Spacing between you and the green screen is important because it can remove pesky shadows that show up on your stream. You’ll need to increase or decrease the spacing to remove any odd shadows that are reported by viewers.

Once you have the perfect settings and setup for your green screen, it’s worth noting everything. Some streamers will put tape on the floor to mark the location of their green background, chair distance and more.

Testing the green screen in OBS before your first time going live is recommended.

A test will allow you to avoid any odd errors or issues with lighting that can make your stream look amateur.


Now that you know how to use green screen on OBS, you can begin creating stunning videos for your products, training, church service, education and other productions. The power of green screen is that you can remove any distractions from the background of your video.

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