PTZ Cameras for Stadium

Video surveillance is critical to ensuring adequate stadium security so that everyone may enjoy a peaceful time of healthy enjoyment. Axis PTZ cameras employ pan, tilt, and zoom to deliver broad coverage and fine detail from one camera. The possibility of verifying identified security incidents is made feasible by the high image quality and the capacity to zoom in.

The stadium camera system includes a wide range of clever functions, including the ability to autonomously move among pre-set positions and zoom in in reaction to observed events. They may also be simply combined with other cameras in a system.

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Benefits of Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera in a Stadium

How to Choose the best PTZ Stadium Camera

There are certain characteristics of PTZ cameras that set them apart from other types of CCTV cameras. No matter what is the stadium camera price, you should check the following features before buying:

How to use PTZ Camera for Stadium

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The field of vision of a picture is determined by the focal length of the lens and the distance of the mounted camera from the sitting place. The image quality is determined by the camera’s resolution and FOV width.

Image quality and resolution are also improved in ticket offices and vending areas. In these regions, megapixel surveillance cameras can be utilized for risk mitigation activities connected to loss reduction, such as monitoring cash transactions, countering liability claims, and checking turnstiles for unlawful behavior, in addition to identifying persons and occurrences. Wider spaces, such as stadium seats, can be covered in more depth.

A panoramic megapixel camera, which can cover a 180 or 360 degree wide region, is ideal for the stadium main entrance and parking sections. Weather-resistant cameras should be used in outdoor settings, while vandal-resistant types should be considered for publicly accessible sites.