What is PTZ Outdoor camera?

Do you need to film outdoors and record a large area? Then you need a PTZ outdoor camera. A PTZ camera outdoor features a motor that allows the camera to effortlessly pan, tilt and zoom. These cameras can easily be controlled by a joystick or even track motion automatically!

PTZ outdoor cameras are simple to mount and can be placed on walls and ceilings. These cameras have an amazing range and can film from a variety of angles. If you want a robust camera for outdoor surveillance that is easy to use and can record in 4K, purchase a Honey Optics’ 4K PTZ camera today!

PTZ 4K Сamera Outdoor – The Source of High-Quality Image

Honey Optics has produced the perfect pan tilt zoom camera outdoor! This camera allows you to film in 4K, which ensures your security footage is crystal-clear. This PTZ camera also has a 60fps rate which means all of your video surveillance footage will be incredibly smooth, and you will be able to keep your premises secure at all times!

Here are some of the reasons why so many companies are using Honey Optics 20x 4K PTZ camera for outdoor surveillance:

  • Sony Lens – Sony 4.42 – 132.6mm
  • Wind-angle lens – Capture a huge area
  • 20x optical zoom – Perfect for inspecting objects that are far away
  • 4K resolution – Never miss a detail with such a high resolution
  • POE – Single ethernet cable to power and transmit video

The Honey Optics PTZ 20x 4K PYZ camera was designed to provide world-class outdoor video surveillance footage. If you want to keep your premises safe, ramp up your security and purchase this amazing camera.

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Considerations when using and buying a PTZ camera for outdoors

To ensure your IP PTZ outdoor camera can provide the surveillance you need, consider the following factors:

  • Location – Even though PTZ cameras have incredible wide-angle lenses and can pan and tilt, if you place the camera in a poor location, it won’t film the location properly.
  • Find an operator – To get the most benefit out of a PTZ camera, you will need an operator who will use a joystick to pan and tilt the camera to monitor the entire area.
  • Budget – PTZ cameras can be pricey compared to other cameras. Before purchasing a PTZ camera, make sure it is a necessary expense, and you can afford it.
  • Maintenance – As these cameras contain a motor and moving parts, they do need to be more closely maintained compared to other cameras.

If you consider everything mentioned above, you will successfully use a PTZ camera for outdoor surveillance!

Outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom Сamera for video monitoring — Pros & Cons

To determine if a PTZ camera is suitable for your outdoor security surveillance, let’s look at the pros and cons of these cameras.


  • Auto tracking – PTZ cameras can be programmed to detect and follow the motion.
  • Large field of view – Thanks to their ability to pan and tile, PTZ cameras can film a large area.
  • Easy to control – With a basic joystick, you can easily zoom and pan your PTZ camera.
  • Zoom capabilities – Zoom in on any suspicious activity and still record in 4K.


  • Requires maintenance – PTZ cameras need to be maintained more than other cameras due to their motor.
  • Blind spots – PTZ cameras can only film what they are pointing at, resulting in blind spots.
  • Cost – PTZ cameras are more expensive than other security cameras.

Now you know the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision on whether these cameras can adequately protect your premises.

Recommendations for installing PTZ cameras for outdoor surveillance

To install your PTZ camera, so your property is properly recorded at all times, follow these recommendations:

  • Install multiple cameras – One PTZ camera is unlikely to provide the total protection you need to keep your business safe!
  • Install cameras at least 10 ft off the ground – This prevents thieves from stealing them and allows you to film an entire area easily.
  • Protect your camera from the elements – Make sure your camera is waterproof and protected from the wind.
  • Don’t point cameras directly at the sun – Direct sunlight can ruin your footage due to glare.
  • Test your cameras after installation – Make sure everything is working by thoroughly testing your PTZ cameras!

Book a Consultation on PTZ Outdoor Cameras at Honey Optics

Do you want to purchase the best PTZ camera outdoor? Then book a consultation with Honey Optics now! Contact us via email or phone and schedule your appointment at a time convenient for you.

During our complimentary consultation, we will determine if a PTZ outdoor camera is suitable for your security needs by asking about your premises and security requirements. And then show you our range of PTZ cameras. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you want. We always do our best to provide our customers with cameras that are a perfect match for their specific needs.

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