What Is a PTZ Camera?

What is a PTZ Camera?

PTZ cameras are some of the most popular and reliable in the world. If you have any of the following questions, we’re going to answer them in the paragraphs below:

  • What is a PTZ camera used for?
  • What does a PTZ camera mean?

We’ll also be covering the pan camera definition and PTZ meaning.

What Is a PTZ Camera?

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) is a type of camera that has the mechanical ability to pan, tilt and zoom. When used in production, these cameras can be controlled to:

  • pan horizontally;
  • tilt vertically;
  • zoom in for the shot.

What Is Pan and Tilt in Camera Technology?

Tilt is the vertical control of the camera that can help position the camera.

Camera Pan Meaning

Pan is the horizontal control of the camera.

When a camera can pan, tilt and zoom, it’s possible to capture stunning images and video with a single production camera. Due to the highly versatile nature of a PTZ camera, they’re one of the most sought-after cameras with remote capabilities.

Types of PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras continue to evolve and change. As a result, multiple types of cameras options are available, including but not limited to:

  • PTZ IP Cameras, which use the Internet or Ethernet to view and control the camera.
  • PTZ PoE Cameras are similar to IP cameras, but instead of using Wi-Fi, these cameras are wired into the Ethernet to offer greater consistency, and the ethernet wire is providing the power to the camera (no need for external power)
  • PTZ Analog Cameras are used with an analog video signal, such as CCTV, to gather footage.
  • Outdoor PTZ Cameras are designed to withstand climate extremes and handle various weather conditions. Special encasements ensure that the camera remains well-protected from the elements.

Wireless options are also available, but the lack of hardwiring increases the camera’s risk of not gathering footage.

How Do PTZ Cameras Work?

PTZ cameras are designed to be easily integrated into your current production environment. In addition, these cameras can be chained together to have 3, 5, 10, or even more added to a single system and controlled by a video tech.

Multiple forms of control work to operate the camera, including:

  • IR remote;
  • joystick controllers;
  • software;
  • etc.

If the camera is used for video production and live-streaming, it will often be controlled using IP, allowing long-range operation. IR remote options also work well, but these options are best suited for times when you’re closer to the camera.

It’s not uncommon to connect the camera to a local area network or LAN, or use a variety of serial controllers to chain the camera to multiple units.

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Capabilities of Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Due to the mechanical design of a PTZ camera, it’s an option that allows for the utmost capabilities. The cameras can pan, tilt and zoom, making them a superb choice for many industries.

You’ll find these cameras in movie studios and also used in security settings.

Pros and Cons of PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras offer exceptional power and video-capturing capabilities, but there are pros and cons to consider, too.


  • Remote control options
  • Large field of view
  • Motion-based tracking
  • Time-based auto scan
  • Zoom of 12x – 20x


  • Risk of malfunction due to mechanical design
  • High price
  • Shorter lifespan due to moving parts
  • Potential latency sensitivity

Depending on the application used for the PTZ camera, they may or may not be a good choice. For many industries, PTZ cameras offer superior capabilities that aren’t offered with other camera technologies.

Industries using PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras are used across multiple industries. Due to the many uses and ability to stream using a PTZ, you’ll find these cameras in the following industries:

Due to the ability to have a control center where multiple cameras can be controlled at once, you’ll often find 10 cameras running on a movie set. A single video tech will be behind the camera, operating everything simultaneously.

Of course, different applications will require a unique number of cameras.

With the high-end zoom capabilities that a PTZ camera offers, it often has zoom abilities capable of capturing the best sports activities. Most cameras have 12x and 20x zoom options.

Personalized solutions can also be created to allow for a unique camera setup that captures the entire scene or all of the action perfectly. PTZ cameras offer simplicity and flexibility that aren’t possible with other camera technologies.

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