What Is the Difference Between PTZ and Dome Camera?

What Is the Difference Between PTZ and Dome Camera?

Are you wondering, “what is the difference between PTZ and dome camera?” In this guide, we’re going to explain the main difference between these two camera types and why we recommend PTZ cameras for live-streaming.

Which Camera Is Best Suited for Different Situations?

What is the difference between PTZ and dome camera? Besides basic functions, each camera has its own situational usage. For example, it’s better to use a PTZ camera for:

  • Indoor and outdoor events
  • 360-degree applications
  • Security situations to follow a target
  • Live-streaming

Dome cameras are best suited for:

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Dome cameras are discreet and are often mounted in the back of a space, such as a warehouse. These cameras are designed to blend in with the surroundings and do not offer the same number of adjustments as a PTZ camera.

Often, dome cameras are used for security purposes only.

PTZ cameras offer more flexibility because they can pan, tilt and zoom. Professional production teams use these cameras for everything from corporate security to live-streaming sports events.

Each camera type has its own features and functionality that allow it to excel in the situations above. You’ll need to spend time comparing the camera model you’re considering so that you ensure it meets all of your needs.

Comparison of PTZ and Dome Cameras Based on Features and Functionality

What is the difference between PTZ and dome camera? Just look at the camera’s features and functions. While every model is different and has its own set of features, the general differences are outlined below:

  • Dome cameras have a standard dome body and are designed to match the building’s décor. Stealth is of the utmost importance, and they’re often placed inside a ceiling for security reasons. Low-profile and discreet, these cameras cannot have their point-of-view adjusted, nor do they offer the functionality of a PTZ camera.
  • PTZ cameras also have a dome shape, but they’re far more fluid. You can pan-tilt-zoom the camera to capture subjects or objects to the greatest degree. Remote control operation allows security teams to zoom in on a subject or object and also rotate the camera up to 360 degrees. Livestreaming is amplified using a PTZ camera. These cameras can be mounted on ceilings, tables or walls, many of which a dome camera cannot.

PTZ cameras have the ability to zoom up to 20x, wide angle lenses allow PTZ cameras to capture larger areas, often eliminating the need for a dome camera. 4K resolution and 20x+ zoom options allow users to capture high-resolution video and images from far distances.

Additionally, you can connect multiple PTZ cameras together to provide 100% coverage of any room or building.

What is the difference between PTZ and dome camera? As you can see, the differences in the functionalities of these two cameras are drastic.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Between PTZ and Dome Cameras

If you’re trying to choose between a dome and a PTZ camera, you need to consider your usage. For example, a PTZ camera is best suited for video broadcasting. You’ll want to use this type of camera for live-streaming and security because you’ll have the power to zoom, pan and tilt to get the best shot.

Dome cameras are a good option for entrance gates or large indoor spaces. Monitoring indoor spaces with a dome camera allows you to capture some of the action inside, but you’ll lose the zoom option, which can be priceless.

PTZ cameras are often best suited for hallways, but due to their ability to offer 180-degree and up to 360-degree coverage, these cameras are great for all applications. However, PTZ cameras do need remote controls, meaning you need to have a security team or third party to manage the camera.


What is the difference between PTZ and dome camera? PTZ cameras have advanced pan-tilt-zoom functionality, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use a dome camera in your setup. In many cases, multiple camera types are used in commercial settings.

You may have a PTZ camera broadcast combined with a dome camera for maximum coverage.

If you use your cameras for security, the combination of these two cameras, and maybe the addition of a bullet camera, will empower you to enhance your security in ways that may not be possible otherwise.

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