What Is UID Number For IP Camera?

What Is UID Number For IP Camera?

What is UID number for IP camera? UID is a unique identification number of a video surveillance camera assigned during the manufacture of the device. It can be used to quickly search the manufacturer’s database. All cameras have UID, regardless of the type of work and design

What Is UID Number For IP Camera?

A UID, or Universal Identifier, is a 20-character identifier that is used to identify a particular IP camera, DVR, or NVR across a network. You will then be able to remotely access your cameras and NVRs by entering your UID, login, and password. So, if you already know how to connect PTZ camera to NVR, then you will surely have no problems with finding the UID of your device.

How to Find the UID number of Your IP camera?

There are six different approaches of determining the camera’s unique identifier. You can find out the UID of your IP camera with PTZ in the following ways:

  1. UIDs are often printed somewhere on the device itself. It is also located on the QR code sticker, and it is also printed just below the QR code on the sticker.
  2. You may use the NVR’s wizard to track out the device’s unique identifier. In order to locate the UID, you need to restart the NVR system and wait for the Wizard Page to appear.
  3. Locate the device UID on the NVR system: Main Menu > System > Information.
  4. Look up your device’s unique identifier through the mobile app. After logging into the app on your mobile device, the device UID will be shown on the device details screen.
  5. Using the brand client on your PC, locate the device’s UID. It may be found on the device management page of the brand client after the device has been logged in.
  6. The UID may be found in a web browser. The first thing you need to do is link your camera to your router’s network. It’s necessary to turn the camera on. Verify that your computer and the router are part of the same local area network. Use the router’s WAN IP address to access the camera’s web administration page if it is not on the same network as the router. Second, access your camera with a web browser and log in. Third, open the gadget’s configuration options by clicking the corresponding button. Fourth, go to Network ->> Advanced settings.

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Why does it Say my UID is invalid?

If you see the message “UID is invalid”. Then, the problem may be in one of the following:

  • Reason #1: You entered incorrect UID. If the UID was entered manually, the numbers should be checked to ensure they are right. Alternatively, you may scan the QR code located on the camera’s body to input the necessary information.
  • Reason #2: Problem with the network configuration. Verify that your phone can access the internet, and if using Wi-Fi, make sure your router can connect to the web.
  • Reason #3. If you get a message while trying to pair a camera with the app/client for the first time, make sure that “IP Camera” and “Device in use” are chosen when you touch “Add new device.” If you continue to get an error message after scanning the QR code, try entering the UID by hand.


Now that you know what is UID number for IP camera and how to find it, you can control your camera remotely. Keep in mind that although the theory remains the same, the specifics of how each manufacturer implements it may vary.

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