Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

These days, it’s almost impossible to envision existence without Internet access. However, if you regularly set up IP cameras, you’ll eventually run into a circumstance when you need to put a camera in a location without Internet. For example, a PTZ camera for live-streaming church. This begs the question can IP cameras work without Internet?

Do IP Cameras Require an Internet Connection?

To answer your question, an IP camera may be set up and operational even if it is not directly linked to the web. However, if your cameras don’t have an Internet connection, you’ll be limited to accessing them only from devices on the same local area network.

How Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

If IP cameras, despite the moniker “Internet Protocol,” do not need a live Internet connection, how to power a PTZ Camera then? Having access to a LAN is all that’s needed.

For example, you might connect your IP camera to your computer’s Ethernet connection to create a very simple version of this LAN. Your computer and your IP camera would be the only other devices on the local area network. As long as your computer is linked to your IP camera, you will have access to it. (This configuration isn’t optimal for most IP camera installations, but it may be useful for lab testing.)

How Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

This may also take the form of your IP camera’s connection to an Ethernet switch that in turn links to many PCs. Since these computers are all part of the same LAN, they may see your security camera without being connected to the Internet.

Alternatively, this might be your cameras hardwired into an NVR’s PoE switch. Accessing the NVR’s camera feeds does not need an Internet connection, so long as the device is linked to a display and a power source. The recorder may operate independently of any external LAN. This is because most NVRs have their own integrated network built into the PoE switch on the back of the device. Imagine a little gated community nestled within this larger one. Any device connected to the NVR’s PoE switch will be accessible to the NVR. However, if your NVR is not connected into your LAN, you will not be able to see your IP cameras on your computer or smartphone. Your streams will be inaccessible from any other device other from the NVR.

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What Can You Do with PTZ Cameras without the Internet?

IP cameras, as was previously noted, are fully functional while disconnected from the Internet. The available operations are as follows:

An attached monitor allows for round-the-clock remote monitoring

A CCTV system with a connected monitor allows for continuous, real-time monitoring of an area. This manner, you can keep an eye on your property day or night, from any location.

Recorded CCTV video kept on an SD card or NVR

The film may be stored locally or on a cloud service without an internet connection. It may be seen whenever desired, albeit sufficient storage space on an SD card or NVR is required.

Cellular batteries can be used instead of electricity

While a direct power connection eliminates the need for a backup battery, it is still a good idea to carry one just in case. When there is no power, you may still operate your CCTV system normally by powering the cameras with smartphone batteries.


The concept of networking seems murky. A lot of us might become flustered when we hear terms like “Ethernet” and “switch” and “local area network” and “Internet” thrown about in the same sentence. Yet there is no actual complexity involved. Roads are something everyone is familiar with, since they are used to bring us from our homes to our workplaces in other towns. There is not a lot of difference between computer networking and IP cameras.

We hope we’ve answered the question can IP cameras work without internet? And you’ll find this post helpful in learning more about IP cameras.

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