Honey Optics Announces Integration with Zoom Video Conference

Honey Optics Announces Integration with Zoom Video Conference

Honey Optics knows how important cameras for Zoom meetings have become in recent years. Today, we’re proud to announce that Zoom has integrated Far End Camera Control into its platform.

The feature allows you to use an IP camera with Zoom or attach multiple cameras for more coverage.

How to Control a PTZ camera with Zoom Video Conferencing

What is the best camera for Zoom meetings? PTZ cameras offer you pan-tilt-zoom options that make it easy to zoom in on participants and capture reactions as they happen. Video conferencing is easy thanks to the software integration in the most recent versions of Zoom.

You only need to enable the option to use multiple cameras in Zoom.

If you only have one camera, you can use the Zoom controller to control the camera. Zoom has full control integration built-in, so it’s never been easier to control your camera.

In your Zoom user dashboard, you’ll want to enable the “Far End Camera Control” option. The far end user will need to approve the request, and then all participants in the meeting will have the option to pan, tilt or zoom their cameras right on the platform.

It’s a fast and efficient way to allow participants to use one or multiple PTZ cameras to make every meeting professional and more interesting.

How to use Multiple Cameras in Zoom

The best cameras for Zoom meetings will allow you to easily integrate the best camera tech into your next meeting. You’ll want to connect each camera and make sure that they’re recognized in Zoom before continuing.

Once the cameras are verified to be working, the rest is easy.

Multiple cameras are easy to control using Multi-Camera mode. You can use this mode if you plan to enable numerous cameras in a single conference. Adding multiple cameras allows for greater control over camera angles, and setting up multiple cameras in Zoom is easy:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Zoom Rooms
  • Sign into Zoom’s web portal
  • Click on “Room Management”
  • Click “Zoom Rooms”
  • Click “Account Profile”
  • Tap “Devices”
  • Toggle the “Allow Multi-Camera Mode” to enabled
  • Choose your default camera and enable all cameras you want to use

Now, enter into a meeting, click on Camera Control, and you’ll have options to adjust the configuration of all cameras you’ve enabled. If you have just two cameras enabled, it will be fast and easy to swap among them by clicking on the camera control.

Multiple cameras will require you to select the camera that you plan to enable.

That’s it.

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Zoom makes it as simple as possible to begin using multiple cameras for your next meeting or conference. However, there is one issue or quirk that you need to know about before proceeding.

Zoom multiple cameras will not work if you try using Multi-Camera and Smart Gallery at the same time.

How to Control the PTZ camera in Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms makes it fast and easy to use pan-tilt-zoom technology for your next production. First, before you dive into how to connect camera to Zoom, you’ll need to make sure that your setup meets the following requirements:

  • Update to the latest version of the app
  • PTZ camera must have UVC control support

If you meet these requirements, you only need to use the Zoom Room controller to take control of the PTZ camera. Then, you simply need to attach the camera, adjust your settings and begin using Zoom Rooms.

The platform allows you to dynamically choose:

  • Camera presets
  • Far end camera control

You can also control multiple cameras by hitting the “Switch Camera” option on the controller. If you only have two cameras set up, the button will swap between each camera with a single tap.

However, if you have more than two cameras, you’ll need to manually select the camera you want to use.


Zoom is revolutionizing the way people imagine video conferencing. You can create professional setups using PTZ cameras for Zoom meetings to offer:

  • Remote broadcasts
  • Professional presentations
  • More

Camera controls, specifically for far end controls, make the addition one of the most promising for anyone using Zoom for their video conferencing or live-streaming needs.

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