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What is OBS and How to Use it


For each degree of production, there are a plethora of live streaming technologies, from simple to high-end professional. OBS (these three words stand for Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is a live-streaming program that can handle a wide range of tasks. We’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on how to use OBS that may assist anybody, whether they’re just starting out in live […]

What is the resolution of 4K PTZ camera?

If you’ve researched PTZ cameras, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term 4K PTZ. A 4K PTZ camera is an ultra-high-definition camera that offers both cinema production and streaming in 4K. We’re going to answer a lot of questions in this article, including: What’s 4K resolution? What does a 4K camera mean? Basic Viewing Requirements Your […]

Digital Noise Reduction on PTZ Cameras

Digital Noise Reduction on PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras allow you to record and stream in 4K with ease. But in situations where the lighting may not be optimal, noise can affect the quality of your production. DNR, or digital noise reduction technology, can help eliminate or reduce noise effectively and efficiently.  There are two primary methods used in video noise reducer […]