10 Best Live-Streaming Platforms for Church Services in 2023

Best Live-Streaming Platforms for Churches

What are the best live-streaming platforms for churches? There are a lot of them. Some of the platforms have features that you need, and others have features that you may never use in your stream. With different ease of use, speeds and benefits, you need to spend time choosing the right platform for your church. If you already […]

Live-Streaming Equipment for Church

Live-Streaming Equipment for Church

Churches must move into the digital age if they hope to keep members in their congregation. Live-streaming equipment for church is often the main barrier in the way of a place of worship offering their services to thousands of potential people online. In this guide, you’ll learn the exact equipment that you’ll need to get started on […]

Best Camera for Zoom Streaming and Meetings in 2023

The best camera for Zoom streaming offers you the opportunity to stream on multiple platforms, such as: YouTube Facebook More In this guide, you’ll learn how to connect Zoom to YouTube to begin multi-streaming and expand your broadcast’s reach. How to Connect Zoom to YouTube? Connecting Zoom and YouTube requires you to have the right […]

How To Set Up Donations on YouTube Live Stream In 2023?

How To Set Up Donations on YouTube Live Stream In 2023

If you’re streaming on YouTube, you may be wondering how to set up donations on YouTube. There are several ways to monetize your channel or support charities, and donations are one of them. Let’s look at how to set up donations for your live streams. What Are the Channel Requirements? The channel requirements for donations […]

Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

These days, it’s almost impossible to envision existence without Internet access. However, if you regularly set up IP cameras, you’ll eventually run into a circumstance when you need to put a camera in a location without Internet. For example, a PTZ camera for live-streaming church. This begs the question can IP cameras work without Internet? Do IP […]